How to Join Tales Of Infinity

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How to Join Tales Of Infinity

Post  5layer on Mon Apr 21, 2008 6:35 pm


Steps to join TOI server:

1. Download the Taiwanese 1.33 client from
Also, when installing it, change the destination folders name so that it has no gibberish or chinese characters in it.
This client is NOT the same as the PKO 1.33 or TOP 1.33 clients!!!

2. Install this patch. (Run and then point it to a folder where you installed your TW 1.33)
If you get an error when running this patch, try this archive with patched files:

3. Get the latest TOI patch from:
Extract the archive with WinRar (or some other archiving utility) and you will have a folder called 'scripts'.
Place this folder into the game folder and REPLACE the existing scripts folder. If it doesnt ask you anything about replacing, you are putting it in the wrong folder tongue

4. PM the forum administrator by the name of "dimattia" with the Username and Password you wish to use.

5. Your account may take a while to process, but you will soon be able to play!

Credits for making this possible go to Zukota, SnowCrash, Sjikke, jgreever and others at the Privatia Forums at:

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